Dmytro Malakov, Olena Krushynska, Yuriy Kozoriz
The two banks of the Zbruch river. - Kyiv: Grani-T, 2008. - 104 pages

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Dmytro Malakov, 
Olena Krushynska, Yuriy Kozoriz. The two banks of the Zbruch river. A guide-book

The uniqueness of the journey supposed lies in the very essence of this border river. More than one and a half century the Zbruch demarcated not only states but ideologies. Here, at the junction of the Habsburgs' and the Romanovs' empires, and later that of "bourgeois Poland" and the "Land of Soviets" an original division of material artifacts between the two banks took place. On the right bank, one can generally see churches, chapels, roadside crosses, while statues of leaders, mosaics and other patterns of the so-called "sov-art" that have also become the monuments of our history prevail on the left bank. The experienced authors - Dmytro Malakov, Olena Krushynska and Yuriy Kozoriz - created this guide on the basis of elaborating research literature and archives as well as information collected during their own travels. The way from the upper reaches to the mouth of the Zbruch is divided into five auto routs that include first of all architecture monuments. Special attention is paid to defensive structures, particularly to the castles in Sataniv, Skalat, Sydoriv, Skala-Podil'ska, Kryvche, Chornokozyntsi, Kudryntsi. The sixth hiking route covers the most interesting objects of the Medobory nature reserve: rocks, caves, mining adits, healing springs and ancient heathen settlements and sanctuaries.

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